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A Startling Fact About Mental Health and Natural Remedies

Pharmaceutical companies keep coming out with one drug after another for depression and anxiety, generating massive profits.  Some of these medications are profoundly effective.  But the storm of new medications misses one crucial fact:  Supplements, when properly selected, can be just as effective for low mood, anxiety, low energy or lack of focus as medications—and […]

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Creativity Begins Where Anxiety Ends

Too many of us are locked in self-consciousness.  We worry about how we will be perceived by friends and family, or colleagues, or that great nameless, faceless mass of folks known as “the public.”  Anxiety of that kind is the enemy of creativity because creativity requires the courage to be judged.  Whether writing or painting […]

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There’s something inherently wrong with Snapchat—and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The use of social media is associated with increased anxiety and decreased mood.  That’s no surprise:  When we interact with others through apps, instead of with empathy, even (old fashioned as it is) in person, we use the app’s language and platform.  It’s impossible, therefore, […]

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Three Things to Do Today to Develop a Strong Outlook

Mindset matters.  Everyone knows this who has competed in a sport or simply attempted to complete a long distance run or walk for the sheer self-satisfaction of it.  When we begin such efforts we envision the goal we need to achieve, fix it in our minds and commit to it.  Few would doubt that envisioning […]

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So many of us try to live at a distance from our true emotions and our true goals.  But what happens when we try to live lives dodging the truth is that it gets harder and harder to keep that truth from surfacing.  We have to find ways to keep our minds from focusing on […]

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There are Actually Three Pandemics Creating a Perfect Storm Pandemic

As America battles the Coronavirus pandemic, which truly is a public health emergency that merits our best efforts to contain it, there are two other pandemics sweeping America and the world that are at least as dangerous (and Coronavirus is itself very dangerous). The second pandemic (depression and anxiety) is being caused by the rush […]

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Never Settle for Less than Finding The Underlying Cause of Your Anxiety

Science offers us many tools to blunt the symptoms of anxiety.  Benzodiazepine medications like Klonopin and Xanax, though much-maligned as addictive, are also very effective in reducing extremely painful, even paralyzing, symptoms of anxiety.  Ketamine treatments can be very helpful.  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has its place.  Yet, with all these and other treatments for anxiety, […]

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Anyone who has experienced anxiety knows how painful it can be.  One of my clients described it as feeling as though he is on hold—for hours—for a doctor who will be definitely be delivering catastrophic news.  Another likened it to feeling, except for hours, the way she once had in high school after getting to […]

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